1. Teams

Your team can have up to 4 people! You can select teammates when you register, and you can also form them during the actual event! It is perfectly fine to have a team of 2 or 3, as well as going solo.

2. Grade Level

You and the other members in your team must be currently in K-12 in school to participate and win prizes! This is to keep the competition fair for students. Only teams with all members currently in middle school (6-8) can submit in the middle school bracket. Teams that have 1 or more high school students must apply in the high school bracket.

3. Submissions

Each participant can only submit one 3-minute video as their project on devpost.com. A submission as a team counts as the one allowed project for each participant on the team (i.e. a participant cannot submit a project on a team as well as a project as a solo hack). Video submissions must include a project description and demonstration as well as other necessary details.