Coding Resources

When you code, sometimes you forget small details like specific wording or function usage. In these desperate times, having a resource with a coding wiki, live help, or community outreach can mean the difference between rage quitting and success. Here are some helpful websites. 


Geeks For Geeks

Geeks for Geeks is a great online resource with plenty of information about programming for both beginners who are learning a language as well as experts with an interest in specific topics. Resources include C++, JAVA, Python, machine learning, web development, data structures, and more! On top of that, GFG also has a specific section for jobs and students! 

GFG Website



W3Schools is an incredible resource for language references, such as tutorials, method lists, language classes, file handling, and reference wiki. With unending references for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, SQL, and more, W3Schools can definitely aid in learning as well as writing code. And additionally, W3Schools also has tutorials and exercises!

W3Schools Website



JavaTPoint is another website that provides the same information GFG and W3Schools. The advantage JavaTPoint has is the number of different types of languages it offers. Additionally to the languages the other resources provide, JavaTPoint also provides materials for Aptitude, Selenium, C, Android, and more, so check there if you don't find your language on the other pages. 

JavaTPoint Website



While TutorialsPoint doesn't go as deep into each coding language, they cover a wide range of topics including non-programming information like latest technology and Microsoft technologies. They provide good materials for each topic such as applicable apps or software. If you spend a some money, you can also gain access to "prime packs," or lists of materials.

TutorialsPoint Website